What does PrEP stand for?

Based on its English name (pre-exposure prophylaxis) PrEP is a tablet, a drug against HIV infection, which prevents HIV negative people to get infected. It contains antiretroviral active ingredients. Antiretroviral (ARV) agents are taken when someone is exposed to HIV and aims to reduce the risk of being infected.

PrEP very effectively prevents the sexual transmission of HIV as long as it is taken regularly according to the label. Nonetheless, PrEP does not prevent from other sexually transmitted infections or from getting pregnant. 

To sum up, PrEP is a tablet which can prevent HIV infection. This tablet can only be taken by HIV negative people to prevent getting infected.

PrEP cannot prevent other venereal diseases only HIV.

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In Budapest care is available at the central institute. In addition to that, hospitals in 3 other cities also provide regular check-ups and controls especially to diseases related to HIV. Regional centers are available for HIV patients firstly to measure the number of copies and T-cells, secondly to get examined for any problems or collateral diseases. Sub-centers also provide HIV therapy which means prescribing drugs and adjusting the dosage. 

Prescription for PrEP can also be done at Dél-Pesti Centrumkórház Országos Hematológiai és Infektológiai Intézet, HIV/AIDS ambulancia (Centrum Hospital of South-Pest, National Department of Hematology and Infectious Diseases, HIV/AIDS clinic), from Dr. János Szlávik, Head of Department on workdays from 8 am to 3 pm. The address is 1097, Budapest, Gyáli utca 5-7, 14th building.

Phone No.1: 06-1/455-8152; Phone No.2: 06-1/455-8192